The Johnson family has been harvesting wood for their own use since 1944 when they moved on to the 212 acre farm near Litchfield, Minnesota. Selling surplus wood and logs thru the years.


In 2012 the choice was made to purchase a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill. With the purchase of this new sawmill the logs are now staying on the farm for processing rather than being sent out or sold.


Our sawmill is a Wood-Mizer LT10, it requires all manual labor, except for the engine that powers the bandsaw blade. Even with it being a small manual mill we are able to handle logs upto 24 inches in diameter and 18 feet long, longer with the purchase of more bed rails if we need. More than enough to handle most of the logs we work with.

Eric is a third generation Johnson to harvest wood from this family farm. He is focused on providing a reliable service to the community as well as saving valuable trees from entering the landfill or simply being burned in a pile.

"I see a lot of good lumber go up in smoke rather than be processed into boards when people have trees that need to be removed", says Eric. He also mentioned that he would be interested in working with city officials in the area to offer his services so trees that are cut down or removed due to disease and after storm damage can be made into a useful product.

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